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Stairs to the second floor, impossible for wheelchairs

News From The Provedora de Justiça

In May 2020 Constance Houck filed a claim to make the official meetings of the municipal assembly of Lagos accessible to people with disabilities. The meeting are held on the second floor of the old municipal building in the center of Lagos. There are two flights of very steep stairs to access the meeting room and no elevator, so people with reduced mobility are effectively prohibited from participating in local government meetings.

The letter we received from the Provedora references a commitment made by the President of the municipality of Lagos to make the building accessible to everyone and or move the meetings to a venue that can be accessible to everyone.

Enjoying lovely Lagos

Update! Lagos is improving accessibility

When we won our accessibility budget proposal in 2018 (Please see the Winning and Waiting blog We were delighted the voters had approved improvements to pedestrian crossings in a neighborhood in Lagos.

We are even happier today as the City has completed roadworks in a greater area than we had proposed and has taken on board suggestions we made to the city architect.

Human Rights Claim filed in Lisbon

Earlier this year on 21st of May accessiblealgarve blog co-founder Constance filed a claim with the Provedora de Justiça (Ombudsmen) in Portugal.

The claim outlines and documents the lack of accessibility for people with reduced mobility to public transportation and public meetings in the Algarve. The filing was a result of months of work to document and craft the claim and we are very happy to have had the pro-bono assistance of a Portuguese law firm.

Fort Entrance Needs a Ramp.
Fort Entrance Needs a Ramp.

Fort with an Easy Fix


Since the 1700s the Forte da Ponta da Bandeira has protected Lagos from enemies and also welcomed fleets of Caravelas loaded with treasures to export throughout Europe.  It is considered to be the best preserved fort in the Algarve.  Has the required moat, turrets and drawbridge, it’s structure was considered to be the most advanced in it’s day.  

No Where To Go

Dire Need For Accessible Bathrooms in Lagos.

Lagos, where we call home, has a population of just over 30,000 residents living here year round. 

Access to Beauty

The Lagos Boardwalks

Many people come to Lagos just to experience the Ponta da Piedade.

Spectacular views of grottos, rock formations and a crystal clear ocean. Yellow-golden cliff-like rocks up to 20 meters high, water churning in the grottoes.

Ferry to Ayamonte, Spain

Crossing the Guadiana

The ferry from Vila Real de Santa António (VRSA) Portugal to Ayamonte, Spain is worth the trip if only for the views of the Guadiana River that separates the two countries.

The crossing takes about 15 minutes and the ferry is fully accessible. It is nice that Mobility scooters and wheelchairs have space on the deck to see the sights from.


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