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Entrance to Fort, not accessible.
Entrance to Fort not accessible.

Fort with an Easy Fix


Since the 1700s the Forte da Ponta da Bandeira has protected Lagos from enemies and also welcomed fleets of Caravelas loaded with treasures to export throughout Europe.  It is considered to be the best preserved fort in the Algarve.  Has the required moat, turrets and drawbridge, it’s structure was considered to be the most advanced in it’s day.  

From the beach It is a great place to  take kayaking tours of the unbelievable mind-bending, amazing grottoes where the sunlight turns rocks into rainbows.  An “I need a ride NOW”Boat if you are tired and want to chill, hovers like the family Nanny. We had guides and wore safety vests in case we were dumped by a sea monster.  No problem, our really hunky guides are always there.  If you befriend the guide you will hear stories of pirates, hidden treasures and learn the names of all those fab hidden beaches I could never see from the road above.

The Age of Discoveries sent sailors as close as Africa and as far as China.  Tempura was a dish brought to Hong Kong and my lasting pleasure.  Henry the Navigator created new pathways for the ships’ captains with a measurement of the stars and a bit of math.  With this knowledge Portugal ruled the seas of trade between previous unknown countries. Bad news is some of the treasures were human.  Yes, Lagos was a major port to buy slaves.  Being inside would be a great way to learn and experience what life was like when it was a busy fort.

Fort Lagos before ramp

I would like to see the inside of Forte da Ponta da Bandeira.  I swim around it, pass by it and took photos of it. Looks interesting, from the outside I’ve seen the tops of kinetic art.  It says it is accessible and once you are inside it is very accessible, bathrooms, ramps, you name it. 

The irony is, as the inside has been redone for the disabled, at great cost I would imagine. Wheelchairs and mobility scooter can’t get past the drawbridge.   Too high for wheelchairs or scooters, such a small fix.  Just put a little ramp there.  

We would do it but we aren’t handy.   Who else would like to see the inside with me?  Let us know, we can make a party of it.


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