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Kev and Con Accessible Algarve is the brainchild of couple Constance Houck and Kevin Aplin. Soon after they moved to Portugal in 2010, Constance suffered a near fatal hospital infection after having a hip replacement. It has left her permanently disabled.

Kevin and Constance enjoy life in the Algarve it’s people, history, culture, food and of course the weather and beaches. However they have realized just how difficult it is for people with reduced mobility to simply enjoy normal daily activities.

Kevin has an extensive background working as an activist in the United States in the area of civil and human rights. He worked with a host of non profit organizations including the American Civil Liberties Union, Floridians for Rights Restoration and Floridians for Patients Rights. He has over twenty years experience working with local and state governments, school boards, and police departments to implement policy changes, to support or defeat ordinances and legislation. He was a lead plaintiff in several successful federal lawsuits regarding free speech and voting rights, including a case that went to the U.S. Supreme Court.

Constance has experience in event planning and worked with the National organization for Women in Florida as well as with local anti war coalitions. Now unfortunately she has first hand experience of the obstacles to traveling and freedom of movement faced by people with disabilities in Portugal.

Kevin and Constance would like to use their experience to improve access to public services for people with disabilities in Portugal in particular access to public transportation. They hope you will join them and add your voice as they plan to take a message of Access for All to the government in the Algarve, Parliaments in Lisbon and Brussels.

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