Accessible Algarve

Blue Flag Accessibility Proposal 2024

 The proposal to monitor the Blue Flag program, is to improve conditions for people with reduced mobility (PWRM) who visit Algarve beaches. 

While thousands of residents and visitors flock to the beautiful sun soaked beaches this summer for swimming, sun bathing, donuts and fun, many people will be left out in the cold. In order to verify which beaches in the Algarve are fully equipped and accessible for PWRM, Constance, Kevin and volunteers will be visiting the beaches in the Algarve that have been designated by Portuguese and international authorities as accessible.

Cem Anos, Sem Acessibilidade.

One hundred years with out accessibility.

On Saturday July 30th at precisely 11.55am a commemorative train arrived at the Lagos station.  This was part of a ceremony to celebrate one hundred years since the arrival of the Algarve regional train service in Lagos. 

Onboard the train were local, regional, elected and public officials and journalists, who as they exited the train were greeted by onlookers and by accessibility advocate Constance Houck displaying a sign stating "Cem Anos, Sem Acessibilidade or One Hundred Years Without Accessibility.”

Lagos Fort Finally Fixed!

In October of 2021 we emailed and asked the Lagos City Council if they could work on a solution to make the drawbridge and entrance to 17th Century Fort Ponta da Bandeira in Lagos accessible to people with reduced mobility. 

While the inside of the Fort had been previously modified for accessibility the drawbridge at the entrance was inaccessible.

Accessibility on Human Rights Day.

Dec 10th is Human Rights Day, observed to mark the adoption in 1948 by the UN of the Universal Declaration of Human Rights.

On Human Rights day in 2021 Constance and I were two of thirty people invited to participate in a meeting of Europe Direct in Faro. The meeting was a discussion of the Future of Democracy in Europe.  We were invited because our continuing advocacy for equal rights for people with reduced mobility (PWRM) in the Algarve is being noticed. 


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