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Planes and Yotels, a day in London

Planes and Yotels, a day in London

 First Published June 17th 2017 by Constance 

I love London!  The city has fabulous options for the walking challenged.  The Southern Railway had portable ramps and helpers, the Thames Clipper made cruising the river a breeze and the sidewalks sloped at the intersections.  Don’t get me started on how great the Tate is.

We flew into Gatwick Airport around midnight.    An attendant pushed me through customs and the airport to  the Yotel.  All the citizen had to deal with was our luggage.   Snuggled into our cozy but very nicely appointed itsey bitsy soundproof room with our duty free bottle of scotch, we planned the next day in London.  The Yotel is terrific, low cost and nice amenities…plus Gatwick’s train connections to everywhere in the UK.

We wander around Parliament, take the obligatory selfie, saw the Entrance to the Tower for those pesky traitors. Of course stopped by Big Ben (it was very shiny), then boarded the Thames Clipper.Traitors Gate

Traitors Gate.

Our all day pass would show us London from the river and get us around without the citizen having to push me everywhere.

There it was, The Tower of London.  It is so English!  Beefeaters, Ravens and history.   One of my guilty pleasures is reading historic fiction about Henry’s wives, I was obsessed seeing where Anne Boleyn lost her head. There it was, the glass pillow in the exact spot poor Anne laid her head for the last time.  My idea of heaven.

Glass pillow tower of London
Glass pillow where Henry’s wives lost their heads.

By the way, the Tower of London was the stuff of my dreams but if you can’t walk well you don’t get to see upstairs and the downstairs torture stuff.  But, you do have unlimited viewing of the Crown Jewels.  Adored  Queen Victoria’s little crown, I imagine it as her “everyday” crown and want one just like it.

The Tate Modern is free and fabulous!  They have complimentary scooters and the citizen had booked one for me .  I am still haunted by pieces in the collection. Beautiful and thought provoking work from all over the world.Tate Monet

Scooting past water lilies.

A couple of pubs later we were back in our Yotel.  Next day we boarded the train to see the citizen’s Mum in Devon.  I had been so frighted by the thought of making this trip. Didn’t think I could do anything “normal”.

So happy the citizen talked me into it.  I might not have a hip but I can still have great adventures!

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